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What Should You Expect In the Murder Mystery Dinner Party?

Creating memories with your friends and family is the best way to socialize and enjoy your time on earth. One of the ways to make things interesting is to host or engage in interactive parties in the form of improving or scripted theater within your household or corporate dinner.

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Even though the overall process for hosting can be overwhelming at first, it will be worthwhile as soon as you notice the enjoyment and excitement among your friends or co-workers.

The idea is to get all guests involved, which is why you can write your script or find the templates online. In both cases, you will have to find the story that will interest others, which will set you ahead when it comes to corporate relationships.

Create a Party Kit

Before everything starts, you can purchase a party kit for a murder mystery or create your own from scratch. Already made kits feature story about the murder, which tends to happen during dinner or beforehand, depending on the one you choose.

All guests are characters, and they are trying both separately or together to solve a mystery. Of course, each story comes with a pre-set number of characters in the story, which is why you should find the kit that will match the size of your group.

At the same time, you will get within murder mystery dinner party kit other information such as background info, a package of clues, costume instructions, and many more. Remember that the more you get into a character, the funnier and exciting the dinner will be.

The kits can feature invitations to the party as well as overall and individual guides that will help you run the mystery. You can even add the prizes for guests that solve the murder, which is another incentive that people will feel during dinner.

Of course, we recommend you to insist that all guests RSVP for the party so that you can prepare yourself thoroughly. It would help if you thought about changing or directing the party in case someone does not show up, which is why you need to think about everything beforehand.

The Activities

Before you send invitations, we recommend you to include character descriptions within as well as other information such as the background of the story and costume suggestions that will help them prepare.

Throughout the evening, everyone will get additional information in the form of clues, which makes things interesting. These clues can be about the murder or their characters.

The interaction is something that will bring people closer to the solution, and some kits will show the host who is the murderer, while others are more mysterious, which means that only the killer will know.

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Generally, one mystery can last approximately up to three hours or more, which is why you need to prepare appetizers as well as cocktails throughout the night.

Menu and Decorations

You can also match the courses for the meals based on the mystery and number of scenes. You will get the info within the kit, which will allow you to play between courses and discuss it while eating.

Some kits are perfect for cocktail parties, primarily since the guests should interact and walk around during the evening. You will have to add particular requirements for the courses, and you can use it as a prop for solving the mystery as well.

Since most plots happen in a particular period and country, you can implement a menu and decorate depending on the theme and style. For instance, if the plot is set in Paris, you can add some red wine, cheese, and other courses that are representing that particular era and place.

What Should You Do If You is A Guest?

If you get an invitation to a murder mystery party, you will have to follow the particular guidelines you got within the invitation. Participation is different than hosting because you have to stay in character and find ways to interact with others appropriately by following the script.

  • Get Into Character – The most important thing that you should remember as a participant is that you need to get and stay into a character. Since these parties tend to have themes depending on era and setting, you can wear specific clothes based on your character and find ways to embrace it from the very beginning. The best way to do it is to show up as a character and avoid breaking the character until you solve a mystery.
  • Socialize With Others – Most plots and kits require socializing and talking with other guests and teamwork so that you can discover the solution. You should enter here to learn the logistics that come with hosting the party. It would help if you worked with others to gather clues, but have in mind that one you are a murderer. It is crucial to determine who are your allies from the very beginning because some characters have hidden agendas that will hinder you from the truth. Avoid taking things personally and getting hurt throughout the course because everyone is in character, and that is the main drive that everyone follows.
  • Protect Your Secrets – Each character comes with particular secrets, and you do not want others to know about it. We recommend you to keep them close to you and share only general information about your characters. Others will try to share the information as well as volunteer information, but you should avoid doing that if the description tells you so.
  • Have Fun – Even if you do not reach the point of finding out who the murderer is, you should still have fun along the way. Remember that these dinners will help you enjoy an escape from reality for a few hours, which will help you relax and enjoy all the way. The main point of these mysteries is to socialize with others and to work towards a common goal and objective. That way, you may get closer to co-workers, which will allow you to enjoy the future relationship and everything that comes with it. Finally, the more fun you have, the more you will remember afterward, and that is a fact you need to remember.