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Matt Davies Stockton Explains Why Good Website Development is Important


According to Matt Davies Stockton, the modern digital age simply doesn’t allow your business to not have a website. Even if you have a very small gig, you lose a ton of opportunities and business without a website. Let’s check out why good website development is important.

The Details

  1. Protects your brand identity – A good website doesn’t just maintain your business ownership, but also helps to protect your brand identity. Brand identity is very important for your business. Your customers associate your products and services with your brand and if a website domain that matches your business doesn’t open up your website, it can create a lot of confusion among your customers.

Apart from helping you build your brand; a website helps you engage with more people so that you can get more traffic. For instance, according to anonymous sources, Apple paid a Swedish cloud solutions company $4.5 million for acquiring the domain name iCloud.com. That’s why website development at the early stages is very important for your business.

  1. Search engine traffic – An optimized and well-developed website plays a key role in attracting a lot of quality traffic to your search engine. Customers always look for relevant information on Google by using keywords. Optimizing the title topics and content on your website with the right keywords helps you to attract a lot of valuable traffic to your website.

Moreover, Google and other search engines have algorithms that favor well-developed websites that have the right security protocols, aren’t resource-heavy, and have low bounce rates. So, a well-developed website helps you to attract more relevant visitors and convert them into valuable customers. You also need to implement a good SEO strategy to rank your website higher on Google search results and increase your visibility.

  1. Round-the-clock presence – Unless you’re a business that operates round-the-clock with several shifts of staff, you need a well-developed website to maintain such a presence. Websites are accessible from anywhere through most devices and never close. Your service or products always remain visible to potential customers whether they are accessing your website at work or while lying in bed at 2 AM.
  1. Great ROI – Investing in a good website doesn’t cost you a lot of money. You can get a well-polished website with a decent server up and running for a few thousand or hundreds of dollars if your business operation is small. However, the cost is abysmally low compared to the things it allows you to achieve.

Higher customer engagement, more ways of marketing your products and services, a strong online presence, and an opportunity to grow your business reach and revenue. A well-developed website has great ROI potential and is one of the best investments for your business.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you take website development more seriously and make a good website for your business. It can attract more traffic to your business, establish a round-the-clock presence for your business, and has great ROI potential.